Vail Travel Insurance

Predicting the unexpected is difficult to do...especially when it comes to planning a vacation. By purchasing travel insurance, you can rest assured that you're covered in the event of the unexpected.  rentVAIL is proud to offer two different levels of protection when it comes to covering your visit to the mountins of Vail and BeaverCreek, CO.  Both policies are underwritten by Nationwide Mutual Insurance Companies and Affiliated Companies, Columbus, OH.

Play Travel Protection is an important way to protect your vacation investment against unforeseen circumstances that may occur before or during your scheduled trip. Travel Protection and Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection offered by InsureStays via RentalGuardian's integrated platform.

Reasons To Consider Travel Protection
Without travel protection, travelers run the risk of possibly losing part or all of their vacation investment if unforeseen circumstances like the following happen:

  • Illness, injury or death to you, your traveling companions, or a family member not in the traveling party;
  • Natural disasters like hurricanes or blizzards that cause a mandatory evacuation or cause your rental unit to be inaccessible or uninhabitable;
  • Inclement weather causing delay or cancellation of travel;
  • Unexpected work-related activities like a job transfer, merger or acquisition;
  • Road closures;
  • You or Your Traveling Companion are hijacked, quarantined, required to serve on a jury, subpoenaed, required to appear as a witness in a legal action;
  • Plus many, many additional covered reasons. 30 trip cancellation reasons in all.
  • IMPORTANT: Refer to your policy for specific coverage details.

Unique Coverage Reasons

  • You or your traveling companion being involved in an auto accident in route to your destination;
  • You or a Traveling Companion being required to work during the Trip;
  • The primary or secondary school where You and/or a Traveling Companion(s) or Your or a Traveling Companion's Dependent Children attend must extend operating session beyond the pre- defined school year, and interferes with Your scheduled Trip dates;
  • Death of Your cat or dog that occurs within seven (7) days prior to Your Trip Scheduled Departure Date as certified by a Veterinarian at the time of Loss preventing Your participation in the Trip;
  • A closed roadway causing cessation of travel for You and/or a Traveling Companion for at least six (6) consecutive hours to or from Your Trip destination (substantiated by the Department of Transportation, state police, etc.);
  • Reimbursement of prepaid ski-lift tickets if 50% or more of the trails are closed for 24 hours or more.
  • IMPORTANT: Refer to your policy for specific coverage details.

Two Options of Travel Insurance For You To Choose From:

Important Telephone Numbers
Play Travel Protection:

  • For US & Non US travelers from all 50 states
  • For Claims questions: 833-610-0736 (Monday-Friday) or by emailing
  • For Policy & Coverage questions: 833-610-0736 (Monday-Friday)

Play Travel Protection (with) Cancel For Any Reason Option:

  • For US travelers from all 50 states (less NY, WA and NH state residents)
  • For Claims questions: 833-610-0736 (Monday-Friday) or by emailing
  • For Policy & Coverage questions: 833-610-0736 (Monday-Friday)
For Emergency Services: 
Call 1-833-425-5099 
For Inside The US or Canada

Disclaimer: is an online service/support distribution platform, and is not a licensed insurance agency, nor does it represent or sell insurance. This presentation is not intended to be an offer to solicit or sell Recommended Platform Provider insurance programs in any jurisdiction where a Recommended Platform Provider or their Underwriter(s) are not authorized or where such action would be unlawful. Only licensed insurance agents are qualified to evaluate the adequacy of your coverage or provide detailed explanation of coverage provisions, terms and conditions.

Products are offered by InsureStays (dba of Sandhills Insurance Group), via the software distribution platform.
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